Need a Port-a-Potty Rental in Marietta or Greenville, SC?

Our company will provide you a unit and clean it regularly

Whether you're hosting a large outdoor event or are setting up a construction site, you may have need for a port-a-potty. Luckily, Taylor's Plumbing LLC has your needs covered.

We offer port-a-potty rental services to all types of locations, such as events, construction sites or for any other outdoor facility. Whether you need a one-day rental or a long-term rental, we'll make sure you have the units you need. For all your port-a-potty rental needs in Marietta or Greenville, SC, reach out to Taylor's Plumbing today.

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We'll keep your potty sparkling clean

We don't just do port-a-potty rentals. We also provide port-a-potty cleaning services. You can count on us to pump, clean and prepare your units for use as needed.

For long-term clients our standard practice is to clean your unit every two weeks. If you need us sooner, we'll come out to clean your unit at no extra charge. We care about our customers' happiness first and foremost, so you can count on us to clean your port-a-potties whenever you need us to. To get your rental port-a-potty professionally cleaned, call Taylor's Plumbing today!